Rave Reviews

Do you look at your brand or website and think, “Something’s not right...,” but you aren’t quite sure what? Maybe your brand and site are beautiful, but people aren’t signing up or buying from you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone tell you what you need to fix? That’s what Rave Reviews are all about! I want to help you deconstruct your brand & site to figure out where you missed the mark. And show you how to improve it.

Let’s get your brand and site in order so you can start landing your dream clients and running the biz you really want to be running.

I only do a couple Rave Reviews a month, so don’t miss out!

Price: $68

Branding Design

The Why

Beautiful + effective branding can mean the difference between people taking notice of your biz and passing you by with barely a glance. You need a brand that will set you apart from the competition and draw your customers in like bees to honey.

Your brand should create trust, build loyalty, and foster its own opinions and mission, just as if it were a real person. That’s the secret to a strong brand: its personality. When the visual and personality sides of your brand mix together in harmony to spread the same message, your customer + follower engagement will skyrocket.

That perfect melding is the goal of any brand I design. Your brand will be the focus of my most creative + strategic attention until it flawlessly depicts the exact message and story it should.

I know that your brand is the basis of your entire business, so I make sure that when I’m done, you’re totally happy and confident that you can rock the biz world with your new style (plus a killer pair of shoes)!

The Process

As soon as you book with The Girl Brand, you’ll get a questionnaire to fill out, which will outline all the important details both you and I need to pinpoint your brand personality, tone, and visual style.

Then, we’ll get into the really fun stuff: putting together a mood board, brand color palette, and the star of the show, the logo. Additionally, we’ll set you up with two secondary marks that you can use for times when your full logo is too much. Plus, we’ll identify great fonts and any patterns or textures that will give your brand a polished look.

Depending on which package you choose, you’ll also get a fully-custom media kit for your collaboration and press needs, and three other marketing pieces of your choice! Do you need business cards? A newsletter design? A set of templates for your social media accounts? We’ll discuss your needs to get you the biggest bang for your buck.

At the end of the project (which generally takes around a month), you’ll have all the pieces and files you need to make your brand pop, no matter where you take it next!

Website Design

The What

Your website should be more than a pretty place to send your customers. It should be your #1 salesperson—someone who works day and night to make sure your visitors return again and again, then convinces them that you’re the girl for the job.

It’s less about the pretty stuff and the cool features than it is about HOW your website directs your customers, and WHERE it sends them, no matter if they’re newbies to your site or on the verge of hitting that ‘Hire Me’ button. Your website needs to be ready for and effective at handling both of those situations. And THEN you bring the pretty stuff into the mix.

My goal is to make sure that your website engages, captures, and converts your visitors into clients, all while looking like you’ve hired a team of tiny web design elves to polish everything to the max.

With my custom web-design packages, you get a WordPress theme that’s never been seen before (and therefore won’t be seen anywhere else); a theme that’s built for your brand’s EXACT needs. No more code hacking or heavy plugins to get the effects you want. They just come built in!

It IS possible to have a beautiful, strategic, and completely custom website, without paying those high agency prices. Want me to prove it? Hit the button and fill out the form to get a quote!

The Experience

When you request a quote below, you’ll get a short questionnaire to fill out where you’ll outline your website needs: pages, functionality, etc. Shortly after, you’ll receive a proposal for your project.

Once you accept, you’ll get a list of the things you need to put together before we start your website, and when it’s all there, we’ll slide you into the next available slot for design + development (which then usually takes around 6 weeks to complete).

That’s where the magic happens! I’ll put all my skills and resources to the exciting challenge of getting your website in the best shape possible to help you take your visitors from lurkers to buyers. You’ll see things at every milestone, and we’ll work together until you’re over-the-moon about your website design.

At the end of the project, you’ll have a beautiful and compelling website that converts your audience like a dream. Plus, your website will be so easy to update, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take this step sooner!

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