Dubsado: The Biggest Game Changer For My Biz Cover Photo

The Biggest Game Changer For My Biz


My client onboarding process used to be a mess. Yes, really. People would come to my site, fill out a basic contact form (that didn’t ask any important questions), and wait for me to respond. Meanwhile, on my end, I was juggling my in-progress projects, my various admin duties for my own biz, and stressing […]

What To Put On Your Sidebar For Maximum Results Cover Photo of Laptop and flowers

What To Put On Your Sidebar For Maximum Results


At the start of the month I asked my Insta fam to give me their questions about designing their website, and today I’m answering the one about what to put on your sidebar. This is a question I get asked a lot. There are a lot of different directions a sidebar can go, making it […]

Image of Website Designer's desk

Choosing The Best Website Designer For the Job


When you’re starting a new business, or updating your existing one, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right people for your team. Whether that’s a website designer, writer, assistant, or coach, you need to mesh with them personally, and be drawn to their professional styles. You can’t hope to get the perfect copy […]

Mobile-First: You Need To Get On Board Cover photo of an iPhone on a desk

Mobile-First: You Need To Get On Board


When we talk about websites—viewing websites, designing websites, using websites, searching websites—the first thing we should be talking about is mobile. Mobile-first design, usability, functionality, and experience. While the concept of mobile-first has been trending in big business for a couple years now, it hasn’t been a topic I’ve heard a lot about in small […]

Image of Website Content cover with laptop and iphone

Website Content is King, And You Need to Conquer It


I’ve been hearing a lot from my web designer pals lately that getting website content from their clients can be like pulling teeth, and causes projects to get pushed past the deadline. I’ve experienced this myself, and have to say, it can be extremely stressful. There are so many moving parts to a website launch, […]